Building Community Together

We believe service is the natural outlet for our unique gifts and the hallmark of a healthy discipleship community. There are many ways to serve within the Crossing Life Church family through our various ministries and outreach programs. There are opportunities for everyone to use their gifts and develop new ones through service. These include construction, property maintenance, music ministry, children’s programming, evangelism activities, youth activities, art, dance and drama, meal ministry, special events, the church leadership team, administration, serving at our special outreach ministry of Community Bingo, and much more.

Many of our teams support our weekly Sunday services, providing such functions as ushering, child care, child education, hospitality and worship. If you are interested in joining a team, please speak to someone at the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings, contact the church office or email

Here is a brief listing of some of our teams you can join. For direct contact with leaders of these groups or to apply join our online community and search under “Groups” for more.


Altar Team

To prayerfully assist people in our corporate gatherings to release their burdens and request to God while facilitating encounter with the Holy Spirit in the places of need whether in body, soul, or spirit.

Attendance Team

Our mission is to keep a pulse of every person who visits Crossing Life church by way of visitor card and attendance record so that each person can be welcomed, reached out to, fully engaged, plugged in, and effectively disciple for Christ.

Building & Maintenance Team

The purpose of the Building and Maintenance Team is to serve and glorify God by volunteering our time and resources to maintain, improve, and develop the Crossing Life Church and Community Center. We seek to create a clean, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for others to worship, learn, and fellowship.

Cafe Team

Our mission is to magnify the beauty of church culture by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, showing honor to each individual, encouraging connection and welcoming guests into the family.

Children’s Church (older children)

Our mission is to train and equip children in the church family to express God’s love and be passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We do this through weekly Power Clubs where we spend time acknowledging God’s presence, teaching the meat of God’s word, practice functioning in the Body and following the teachings of Christ.


Communications Team Mission Statement: The mission of the communications team is to spread the message, vision, and other event and operational information of the Crossing Life Church through means of video, audio, websites, social media, printed materials, and other mediums. The goal is to do this with a servant like attitude and an effort towards excellence.

Community Outreach

Community outreach is a service of hospitality for our church family to invite the local area to come and experience the  love and presence of God through offering opportunity for fun and fellowship through the community garden, agriculture, and festivals.

Bingo Team

Our mission is to express Christ through providing hospitality, food and drink to those attending bingo. Our goal is to transform the kitchen to a professional level where we can enjoy our time as servants and provide the church with money where it can be used for expanding God’s Kingdom

Cleaning Team

God has blessed us with a fantastic facility to gather together as a church family. Along with this great blessing comes the responsibility to care for it. The Cleaning Team is a phenomenal  team of volunteers that serve on weekly rotations to see to it that the church facilities are clean and presentable. If you would like to help please contact Marianne MacKay at cranberry or 603 458 6710.

Community Dinners

The Community Dinner mission statement is to create a relational family environment between Crossing Life Church and the Bingo Community, where we eat together, laugh together, and get to know each other; ultimately to love on the Bingo Community as the Lord loves them, in order to bring each into the fullness of what God has for them – the salvation knowledge and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Evangelism Team

Our mission is to train and equip the Body to evangelize our surrounding communities and cities through the preaching of the Gospel and being a welcoming expression of the local church family to them so that they can become disciples of Jesus and be a part of His family, the church. We do this through regular trainings, and providing various forms to evangelize our surrounding community through different outreaches, acts of service, and public worship

Connections/Info Center

Our mission is to intentionally reach out to every person who enters the Crossing LIFE Church, in order to see them fully established in the Family, through:

  • Being welcoming & hospitable to new visitors
  • Participation, and service within the community
  • Attending an Encounter
  • Involvement in a Life Group and a First Principles cohort
  • Effective discipleship relationships

We will accomplish this through recruiting and building teams, vision casting, technology and communication.


Greeter Team

Greeters represent the face of our church by warmly welcoming all who enter the Crossing LIFE Church on Sunday morning and at events. We seek to convey to our family and guests that they are welcome by extending the authentic love of Christ.

Prayer Furnace Team

To cultivate a culture of personal and corporate prayer for the progress of the gospel in the local church and the world. This is accomplished during times of prayer throughout the week, at monthly gatherings in collaboration with other churches, and the “Prayer Shield” our decentralized prayer network. Our vision is to raise up leaders in prayer and worship by equipping believers to foster effective, Spirit led, lives of prayer

Sunday School Team (young children)

Serving our families by giving parents an opportunity to encounter God in worship and teaching, while providing young kids with a safe, fun, Christ-centered environment where they can build relationships with each other and our volunteers during play, bible lessons, group games, song and dance time, snacks and prayer.

Usher Team

The Usher Ministry team is here to serve every person that enters The Crossing Life Church with a one-to-one experience and exchange of fellowship and love.  We are committed to ushering, helping and serving in a friendly manner to encourage an atmosphere of worship with decency and order, all to the Glory of God.

Worship Team

To facilitate an environment of creative expression in worship in order to cultivate both an atmosphere that honors the presence of God and develops a culture that declares the glory of Christ Jesus in spirit and word.

Sound Team

Sound Team Mission Statement: The mission of the sound team is to be a support in general to the music and worship teams, speakers and presenters at the Crossing Life Church with audio quality and amplification as well as recording services. The goal is to do this with a servant like attitude and an effort towards excellence.

Visual Team

The mission of the visual presentation team is to support the general gatherings, worship services, presentations, classes, and other meetings in need of visual display on screen of lyrics, presentations, scriptures, videos, graphic announcements, and/or other mediums. The goal is to do this with a servant like attitude and an effort towards excellence.