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Life Groups are at the core of our community expression and are the primary place for connecting with people in our community at a personal level. Find one near you!

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Josiah Armstrong on Prophetic Ministry - Part 2


By: Josiah Armstrong



Last week, Josiah answered the question “what is prophecy?” and explored various measures of this gift. Beyond that, it’s helpful to understand the purpose of prophecy. Josiah Armstrong shares his thoughts below. 


The purpose of prophecy is to direct us in the knowledge of God as revealed in Christ; It reveals to us the will and plans of God, and helps establish us in the truth. 


Prophecy moves through the spirit of revelation. Check out this progression we find in the apostolic prayer of Paul in Ephesians 1:17-23 – revelation to: 

  • Know Him

  • Know the hope, purpose, and future God has called you to

  • Know God’s heart and inheritance in you and His people

  • Know the immeasurable greatness of His power working toward us who believe – the same power that raised Christ from the dead.

We encounter the energy and empowerment of the spirit through revelation and the spirit of prophecy. It causes us to stand in awe of God, feel connected and loved by Him, and inspired to love Him more with the Love He Has poured into us. 


It glorifies Christ in the Church, awakens us to His supremacy and sovereign leadership, and quickens our understanding of what He’s accomplished through redemption. It causes us to experience His power and goodness flowing toward us who believe!


He speaks to our calling and potential. Prophecy is about bringing us upward and onward in the faith and into the conformity of His son. Therefore, it should bring us forward in the nature and purposes of God.

Prophesy creates faith and hope in us by declaring to us what we are, who we are, what we’re to do, and what will or potentially will happen in the future, and this strengthens us, encourages us and comforts us (1 Cor 14).

Here are some other perspectives on the purpose of prophecy by respected Prophets:


Graham Cooke – 9 Purposes of Prophecy:

  • Restore people’s dignity & self respect

  • Edify, encourage & comfort the church

  • Bring correction & warning

  • Provide direction & enhance vision

  • Open up the teaching of the word & confirm preaching

  • Release churches into new doctrine & practices not explored yet

  • Provide insight into counseling situations

  • Provide evangelistic breakthroughs

  • Provide an agenda for prayer

Denny Cramer – New Testament Prophecy

  • Is designed  by God to get our spiritual attention

  • To direct us to keep our focus on God

  • To gain understanding of God’s wisdom & ways

  • To hear & receive God’s counsel & direction

  • To reveal God’s loving, just, and merciful heart – the heart of God to His beloved children

  • Prophecy should convey the message that God both likes and loves His kids

What do you do if you have received a prophetic word?


If you have received a prophetic word, consider two things: “Prophecy is a mixture of divine, infallible revelation and human reception, analysis, and understanding. The perfect word of God Can be imperfectly received, understood, interpreted or applied” (Streams Ministry, Advanced Prophetic Ministry).


“Allowing prophecy without testing it…leads to abuse within the ministry, a discrediting of the gift in general, a poor model for local believers to follow, and frustration of the purpose for which true prophecy is given” (Graham Cooke).


It’s important that we test prophesy and that we respond with appropriate boundaries when we receive a word. We have a biblical charge and responsibility to judge all things and to lovingly speak the truth to someone when they are off in the things they have said or done, when they have “missed it.” We must be honest in our feedback and assessment of the word delivered and the way it was delivered. This is how we help one another and keep integrity in revelatory/prophetic ministry!


Again, there is much to learn and grow in when it comes to the spirit. We have 101, 201, and 301 Prophetic Training courses with hours of instruction to help you mature and practice hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Reach out to Josiah Armstrong for more information or keep an eye out for the next Prophetic Training Day. 



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