Antioch School

Local Church-based Education

The Crossing Life Church and Community Center, as a member of the LIFE Alliance network, partners with the Antioch School to provide academic degree programs utilizing in-service leadership development for ministry in church-based contexts.


The vision of the Antioch School is to support the tremendous spontaneous expansion of the Church in the twenty-first century through theological education done in the context of church ministry, which maintains high levels of achievement in character, skills, and knowledge.


Church-planting movements are exploding all around the world in a manner similar to what was known in the Early Church as “the Antioch Tradition.”

Something fresh is occurring in the state of the Church in the West over the past decade. Groups are calling for and constructing new forms of mission and church. Traditional models are no longer meeting the need to grow and equip the Church to effect its own culture and mission to the world. Renewal is largely unsuccessful. A new generation of churches is needed. The Antioch Initiative will significantly contribute to this new generation and play a lead role in the planting of churches in North America in the way of Christ and His Apostles.

For more information, please contact Steve Arsenault.