Children’s Ministry

Please note that regular programming at the church has been impacted and we are not able to offer Children's Ministry during our Sunday services yet. Contact the leader or church office for details.​

Equipping the Next Generation

While many find it acceptable to begin serving God in their 20s, the truth is that our children learn to know and love him through service many years before that. God’s plan is to raise up children who will be able to be ministers of the Gospel, walking in power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit while still young. Kids can be the men and women of God they have been called to be NOW.


Nursery, ages 1-3 
Not meeting currently

Sunday School, ages 4-5 
Not meeting currently

Questions about children ages 1-5? Contact Kristal Tanguay

Kingdom Kids Power Club, Ages 6-11

New Lessons are online! Click here
Not meeting currently

Questions about children ages 6-11? Contact Angel Baez

Our Vision and Mission

To create an atmosphere of love and community where children will know God and from that place make Him known. To empower children to fulfill their unique purpose and role in their world for Jesus.

We believe children are taught the Bible and also equipped to live it out in a supernatural way. Our hope is that there will be nurtured in them a desire for the presence of God above everything