Creative Arts

Our worship and creative arts mission is to facilitate an environment of creative expression in worship in order to cultivate both an atmosphere that honors the presence of God and develops a culture that declares the glory of Christ Jesus in spirit and word.

At the Crossing churches we value the immense gift of creative expression through the arts, music, media, dance, and more. The Spirit of God is the Creator of all good things and therefore we take privilege in exploring the various ways and means of expression and art.

We are always amazed at the gifts God has placed in our midst. Talent in drama, dance, music, poetry, watercolors… you name it – God has moved through these means in extraordinary ways and we look forward to what is ahead.


Our Windham NH worship team meets for practice on Monday evenings at 6pm until 7:30pm directly followed by a our weekly prayer meeting. Come and join us!!

For latest recordings visit our music page here.

For more details about the worship team, contact Melanie Arsenault. Or apply online here for the worship team


For drama and dance or Martial Arts, contact Josiah Armstrong.

For youth dance and flag worship, contact Lynn Cross.

Check out some of our recording projects below.

The first single released from the album “Always Faithful” – all originals written and produced entirely within and by church community members.

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