Here are just some of the recordings we’ve done as a ministry featuring originals from our team often created during live worship and prayer services. Enjoy!

Always Faithful - EP

Our latest recording. All originals from the Crossing Life Worship teams.

Sound Engineered by Jon Schmitz

Artwork by Luke Stoughton.

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He Reigns

The first single as part of the Crossing Life Worship album “Always Faithful”  just released, featuring David Schmitz

This song has been used in many of our worship and prayer services. 

Sound Engineered by Jon Schmitz

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Your Love is Life

Featuring David Schmitz this single we released in 2017. 

Sound Engineered by Jon Schmitz

Design by Katell Schmitz

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Songs of Deliverance - EP

Featuring Will Ellis and his wife Jacinta, this album includes CLC worship team members, recorded by Jon Schmitz. Design by Luke Stoughton.

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