The Boston Mizpah Prayer Awakening Gathering 6 PM at the Collins Center, Andover High School. Join leaders and the Body of Christ in a multi church, multiethnic, multi denominational gathering of prayer & worship as we cry out for revival!


24-hour Prayer Burn


Baptisms If you are desiring to get water baptized, contact Dave Matte


Service Day from 9AM – 1PM to prep our property to invite the community into our annual Christmas at the Crossing! If you don’t know what Christmas at the Crossing is, check out our video below!

Community Movie Night at 7 PM in the sanctuary featuring “Yours, Mine, and Ours”, (1968) Come watch a movie and then afterward discuss how God spoke through the movie! Bring snacks and come in your jammies if you like! No children younger than 10yrs old, please. 


EY (Emerging Youth) – 6:30 PM, is a gathering of ages of 12 – 18. Contact Josiah Armstrong to get involved:

Prayer Furnace 7 PM in the sanctuary, Come pray and worship with us!

Young Adult Group:  7 PM, contact Laura to get involved.

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Celebrate Recovery: 7:30 PM in the sanctuary – Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind. Contact Aaron to get involved

Join us for Life Groups

List of Life Groups 

First Principles: Class is at 6:30 PM. The First Principles Series is a set of 13, six-session Bible study guides used to establish believers and churches in the Christian faith. New enrollment occurs in  fall and spring.

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Women: Join is every third Saturday morning of the month for Coffee & Conversation from 9 AM – 12 PM. Contact Anna Benedict at

Worship Service 10 AM. Find our messages HERE.

Children’s church drop off age 1 (& walking)-5 is across the street, at the Daycare, from 9:40 AM – 10:15 AM Ages 6-11 is in the main building’s hall

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Dreamers’ Ranch meat sale directly after service. Come buy our beef, lamb, pork, and eggs as available.

Throughout the week we have various classes offered by the School Of Warrior Arts featuring Martial Arts, Dance, and Music lessons. Click HERE for more details!


Often in our walks with God, it is said that it only takes one moment for someone to be entirely changed for the sake of the gospel. Here at the Crossing Life Church, we offer many opportunities to invest in our personal relationship with God. Encounter God Weekends are one of those opportunities. As a result of these powerful weekends, lives are changed, and people come away with a testimony that tangibly says, “I was one way before, and now I am just different.”

At the recent Men’s Encounter on October 15-17th, Daniel Ricciardi had one of those experiences. Read his testimony and marvel at the goodness of God:

I was isolated for over a decade. Its right where the enemy wanted me. It started with being not motivated, feeling weak and depressed. Then my anxieties and fears reached the point where I never wanted to leave my house. To alleviate those feelings, I would just numb my head with drugs and video games. My life was on a painful loop and that’s when I snapped and knew I had to find help.

I thank the Lord for my family. They lead me into my first Encounter in the spring of this year. I got so lifted-up by God and He removed so many lies that were keeping me in that isolated place. After that Encounter, I have not turned away from Jesus and continued my walk with Him. I’ve been joining groups, classes, helping serve, and giving. I was seeing so much fruit from it!

But through it all, I still could not break the deep addiction I had to marijuana. I have been convicted of it because of how much I could not control myself in needing it- more than just wanting it. I desired to be able to lean into God, nothing else. This led to my heart going strong into this fall Encounter. I wanted to be free from this addiction. 

Saturday night we had a deliverance session. During that session I poured out all the junk that the enemy was using to keep me bound to this addiction. Shouting with all my heart, the Holy Spirit flowed through me like never before! My arms had a sensation of a hot numbness and tingling with goosebumps with hairs sticking up – all to the point I could not feel my hands. I knew I was being touched by God – and I hope to never forget it.

After that I walked outside to go to the New Name session. While walking there, I thought “Am I really going to go home and not smoke?” But when it was my turn for my name, I earned the new name Peace!

Then and there, I knew 100% that God had freed me! I no longer needed my addiction to give me peace! He is all I need! That night I laid down and fell asleep completely sober, for the first time in over a decade of smoking pot. It was perfect. No part of me desired to smoke and I truly felt at peace. The gift of the Holy Spirit is so amazing!

After the Encounter, I have been able to feel His presence wherever I go! I’m engaging in prayer no matter where I am, and I now have the strength to say “No” to pot, and it’s all thanks to God. I look forward to what else God has to offer as I continue leaning into Him.