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Life Group Christmas Parties are being held in lieu of our traditional Christmas Eve Eve service. Life Groups are at the CORE of our community expression. This is a great time to try one out, if you haven’t committed to one yet. We hope you’ll join us at a Life Group this Christmas season.


Café Kerygma NEW HOURS starting this Sunday, come fellowship over coffee in our very own café 9 – 10 AM and 12 – 1 PM. Check out a book from our library, or purchase one from our very own Crossing Life Church authors. Featured below is an excerpt from Gary Gibb’s new book, The Remnant.


SPECIAL Community Movie Night showing of the cinematic epic, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, in the sanctuary at 6 PM. Sarah Daniels will be sharing briefly before the movie. Come in your jammies, bring blankets, pillows, and snacks! This is a long one (almost four hours.)


24 Hour Prayer Burn from 5PM – 5PM come pray and worship in the New Year.


EY (Emerging Youth) 6:30 PM, is a gathering of ages of 12 – 18. Contact Josiah Armstrong to get involved

Prayer Furnace 7 PM in the sanctuary, come pray and worship with us!

Young Adult Group 7 PM, contact Laura to get involved

Life Groups are at the core of our community expression and are the primary place for connecting with people in our community at a personal level. Find one near you!

Celebrate Recovery 7:30 PM in the sanctuary – Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind. Contact Aaron to get involved

Life Groups are at the core of our community expression and are the primary place for connecting with people in our community at a personal level. Find one near you!

First Principles classes are at 6:30 PM. The First Principles Series is a set of 13, six-session Bible study guides used to establish believers and churches in the Christian faith. New enrollment occurs in fall and spring. Learn more about First Principles!

Coffee and Conversation Women join us every third Saturday morning of the month from 9 AM – 12 PM, contact Anna Benedict

Worship Service 10 AM. Find our messages HERE.

Children’s Church drop off times are from 9:40 AM – 10:15 AM. Kingdom Kids (age 1-5) is across the street at the Daycare. Power Kids (ages 6-11) is in the main building’s hall. Learn more about Children’s Church.

Café Kerygma is our very own cafe which opens at 9 – 10 AM & 12 – 1 PM for coffee and fellowship.

Dreamers’ Ranch sells their products from 12-12:30, or directly after service. Come buy our beef, lamb, pork, and eggs as available.

School Of Warrior Arts offers various classes throughout the week featuring Martial Arts, Dance, and Music lessons. Click HERE for more details!

The Remnant By Gary Gibbs

Do you like to read? If you do, you might be a writer, too.


The Crossing Life Church has many writers, one of whom has been a published author and has many amazing thoughts about the will of God and us being His remnant. This week, we hear from beloved member of the community, Gary Gibbs, as he shares his heart behind the book and a small excerpt:


“I truly believe that we are living in a time of Apostasy.  Apostasy – defection or revolt.  But the original definition of the world is uncovering or revealing.  I believe they must both occur at the same time. This is a time of God’s Revelation to us, to His Remnant.  A time of Spiritual Awakening.  Awakening to the Truth that EVERYTHING depends on His Will – on us – sacrificing our will, for His. It’s all in my book in the church library.  Here’s a little taste:


“Lord, lead us not into temptation.  The temptation of our own wills.  The temptation of what WE want, of what WE think we need, The temptation of what WE think we deserve.  The temptation of what WE think is right, what WE think is fair.  The temptation, Lord, of what WE think.  The temptation to lean to our own understanding and the temptation to turn to this world for our Hope, our Life, our Salvation.  Deliver us from this evil, the evil of our own wills, for Thine is the Kingdom.  Your Will is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory.  Help us, Lord, to be like an empty glove.  A glove that can do nothing on it’s own – but when it is filled with the Hand of God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  And friends – as long as we try to fill that glove with our own hand, we leave no room for God. There is simply NOTHING more important than HIS WILL. Jesus is the manifested example of what God wants – “not my will, Father, but thine be done.”


If you would like to read more from Gary, you can find his book in the church library, and if you are not connected to the library yet and are wanting to read more in the new year, this is your sign. 

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