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EY (Emerging Youth) 6:30 PM, is a gathering of ages of 12 – 18. Contact Josiah Armstrong to get involved

Prayer Furnace 7 PM in the sanctuary, come pray and worship with us!

Young Adult Group 7 PM, contact Laura to get involved

Life Groups are at the core of our community expression and are the primary place for connecting with people in our community at a personal level. Find one near you!

Life Groups are at the core of our community expression and are the primary place for connecting with people in our community at a personal level. Find one near you!

First Principles classes are at 6:30 PM. The First Principles Series is a set of 13, six-session Bible study guides used to establish believers and churches in the Christian faith. New enrollment occurs in fall and spring. Learn more about First Principles!

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Café Kerygma is our very own cafe which opens at 9 – 10 AM & 12 – 1 PM for coffee and fellowship.

Dreamers’ Ranch sells their products from 12:30-1, or directly after service. Come buy our prime cuts of beef, lamb, pork, and eggs as available grown organically and pasture raised on our land.

School Of Warrior Arts offers various classes throughout the week featuring Martial Arts, Dance, and Music lessons. Click HERE for more details!

Lion Leader: A Poem of Declaraion
By Sarah Truman

Let the sound of the tribe of Judah be heard 

In this life of ours, and the next generation

Opening up such a place, a space 

Never to be stolen away


Lament and downhearted, oh world! 

Everything that is dark will come to the light 

A new song will be sung over the earth 

Declaring the glory of the Lord! 

Every knee will bow, tongue confess 

“Rejoice in Him, and be glad.” 


We the people, are meant to be WHOLE. 

Theres such a beautiful season here, no longer coming, or waiting for.

Its here.

The blood of Jesus made a way for us

to love and live in FULLNESS.

Let this word reach all of us, and unleash such confidence,

that the power of God is real.


This week, this month, this year… let this be true: 


That we would be of one mind, one body. 

That we see one another as Jesus sees us. 

Talk to one another like we are talking to the Jesus inside each other. 

Let us love one another.

Love each other’s hearts. 

Declare goodness over each other.

Be real with each other and unafraid.


Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.” ~1Peter 3:8

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