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Life Groups are at the core of our community expression and are the primary place for connecting with people in our community at a personal level. Find one near you!

Life Groups are at the core of our community expression and are the primary place for connecting with people in our community at a personal level. Find one near you!

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Thoughts on Praise: Shout Your Name!
By Will Ellis

On January 1st Jacinta and I led worship and sang an original song Shout Your Name”. I wanted to share about where the song came from and some thoughts on the power of praise. I believe God is bringing our community into a deeper/unified place of corporate Praise. 


It is important to note that there are seven types of Praise” referenced in the Old Testament 


HALAL: To jump, dance, to be loud and clamorous (Psalm 150:2)

YADAH: To throw your hands up and forward while making a confession about God (Isaiah 25:1)

TOWDAH: To lift your hands in thanksgiving (Psalm 107:22)

SHABACH: A loud, joyous shout of testimony (Psalm 145:4)

ZAMAR: To worship the Lord while playing an instrument (Psalm 98:4)

BARAK: To kneel in reverence and submission (Psalm 66:20)

TEHILLAH: To sing a spontaneous, unrehearsed song of the Lord, from your spirit (Psalm 22:3)


Praise is a gift for us to help bring a shift by submitting ourselves to God and exalting Him beyond circumstances and feelings into breakthrough. There is a reason the Bible says to put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, there is a divine exchange.


Praise is a command and a weapon against the powers of darkness (Psalm 42:5, Psalm 150:6, 1 Peter 2:9, Psalm 149: 6-7, 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.) It is his divine wisdom to command song, clapping, dancing, shouting his praises and his word (Psalms 147-150, Psalm 33:3 and Ephesians 5:19). We dont worship Him based on how we feel, we worship Him because He is worthy. It is obedience to His word. It brings unity which commands the corporate blessing. His word and TRUTH are what bring freedom and renew the mind, which leads to transformation. The word of God is your arsenal of praise!


Back in April/May of 2020 Josiah preached a  message about putting on praise. “Shout Your Name” emerged from the application of that exhortation. At the time, we were more isolated and not yet meeting corporately. The exercise of putting on praise was a weapon used to fight against isolation and lies from the enemy. The song references passages like Isaiah 61 and Acts 16:25-26. These references are some of my favorite examples of what God can do with the power of praise.


Shout Your Name



We Shout your name, sing your praise

Jesus youre the only one worthy 3x


Verse 1

Beauty for ashes

Joy for mourning

We put on your paises

A beautiful exchange

You give peace, you give joy

You give life forevermore

You are worthy, of it all


Verse 2

Sweet liberation

The king has risen

Forever reigning

Tearing down the prison walls

Every chain falls to the floor

In the presence of the Lord

You are worthy, of it all



Throw off that shame

Dance on those chains

Put on the garments of praise

Heaviness fades

Joy becomes strength 

Put on the garments of praise 

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